January 2011

Scottish Kilts: Everyday Comfort

Manly Fashion

For some time now, the kilt has been coming back in style as a casual, everyday clothing item. This a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear, that has has its origins in the Scottish Highlands from around the 16th century, is coming back back in a big way - not just in Scotland - but across the globe. If you look at the image, there is obviously a main reason why this is occurring - kilts are sexy.

The kilt provides easy access, and in some cases, even a sneak peak at what makes makes men (Scottish or not) so proud. You know what I am talking about so I don't have to elaborate, but this type of clothing can make that special place a little more comfortable than when it is being smashed into a pair of jeans or pants - so the trend has something to do with comfort as much as it does with fashion.