Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail

Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail

A fabulous tour of some of the best distilleries in the country.

Scotland has long been known as a land of superior whisky, producing some of the best spirits in the world.  The Malt Whisky Trail is a celebration of that tradition, offering tourists an easy way to travel across Scotland and experience the best of what their distilleries have to offer.  It’s like a wine tour, but for lovers of whisky and it can be found in the region of Speyside.

It’s not a traditional tour, such as when one might hire a guide and be led by the nose.  Instead, it’s more of a marketing program where the region posts signs and makes available information on which distilleries are open to the public and where they’re located. 

Many famous names that whisky lovers will recognize are along the trail, including two of my personal favorites, Chivas Regal and Glenlivet.  And since you’re not on a paid tour, you’re given the freedom to visit these houses of glory in any order you wish, stopping at other great attractions along the way and resting off your hangover at leisure.

Each distillery presents to visitors a unique experience, highlighting their own history and distinct traditions.  Best of all, each location will provide visitors with samples of their drinks.  In addition, there’s devotion among many of them to provide an educational experience that will leave you appreciating the malt beverage more by the time you leave.  They talk about their distilleries, the types of whisky they specialize in, the processes involved to get the results you taste and even the proper way to have a whisky tasting.

If you manage to hit the trail sometime in May or September, you’re in for even more of a treat.  These are the seasons when the whisky festivals take place so it’s easy to double your drinking experience in the tourist-friendly towns of Speyside.  The Malt Whisky Trail can be a great way to focus a vacation while still leaving you the freedom to do as you please.  For lovers of Scotch whisky, there are few experiences better in this world of ours.